What’s this site about? 

Hi, I’m Chad!

I hit financial independence at thirty six and this is my story.

It’s really awesome the you have taken the time to land on this site and read my posts or info about me.

I’d like to help people, give back where I can. Ideally I’d love to build a site where we can spread ideas that have helped people get what they want out of life. Rather than being stuck in the daily grind of life, finding a way out, finding a way to achieve what ever we dream possible. Really, truly enjoy each day and make the most of it. 

  • What would you give to be able to choose what you do with your days?  
  • Would you like to not have to set an alarm in the morning to wake up?
  • How about those of us who tough it through morning rush hour traffic? 

I’ve been following FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) for around a decade now. Its truly what this blog is about. I’d like to share my experiences and strategies that I have learned over the years from countless many others. Recently over the past few years I have had the opportunity of being able to travel to many MrMoneyMustache camps as well as CampFI. I’ve had the liberty to meet so many amazing people that are on the same path as I am. That path for the last 10 years has been Financial independence. That term can mean a lot of things for a lot of people, but for me, it means to be able to choose what I do with my life and my days. It means not having to work for a paycheck if I don’t want to. Being able to actually spend time with my family and friends. But the best part of it, it means being able to give my time and knowledge to those who’d like to listen. I’d like to help everyone hit a place in their life where they have a choice as how to spend it. The people I have met along the way have inspired me to start writing a blog. So here it is! 

There are so many people and sites that have helped me along the way so I wanted to call out a few. I’ve realized how valuable knowledge is and how much we can learn! So just to name a few resources,